Behaving Badly

Camden borough police

Example 1
Camden resident who is having serious problems with anti-social neighbours and local council housing officers, goes to his local police for help but is then targeted by police officers who
  • harass him on the street
  • park an unmarked police car outside his home for weeks
  • make false statements about him
  • fail to protect him from a criminal neighbour who he had an injunction out against
  • unlawfully arrest him
Fearing for his own safety and wel-being he is eventually forced to move out of the borough.

Example 2
Camden woman is arrested by a DC from Holborn Police Station on trumped up allegations of harassment. Whilst in custody and unbeknown to woman, DC breaks open the sealed bag of the woman's belongings that were being held in the custody suite (where was the custody sargent?) takes woman's door keys from bag and goes to woman's home, enters, searches around then steals 2 items. DC justifies this by claiming the items are 'evidence' in a crime.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPPC) upholds complaint that said entry, search and seizure was unlawful.

Example 3
Single mother is harassed and abused in her home by a neighbour who works for Camden Council, the Police at first intervene and issue all kinds of warnings and cautions to the neighbour but then fail to prosecute the council worker when the abuse and harassment continues. The police then turn on the woman and issue her with a harassment warning for complaining about the council employee.